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Smiles with all my teeth.

About the Author

A writer of wolves who loves the grey


Rachelle Mills is a 2016 Watty winner for Voracious Reads - Clayton, and Featured Writer on Wattpad where she first published the acclaimed read under her breakout pseudonym, Whiskeyqueenn. Ms. Mills has won the devotion of her international “Wildflower Pack" fandom, new readers and critics alike for her fantastically realized paranormal universes, where alpha male and luna-made werewolves fight tooth and claw for hierarchy. And the often blood-red path of true love is made as rocky and perilous for them as possible by society and the capricious deities it serves. Her disturbingly relatable shifters at once frustrate and enthrall readers, drawn with an expert grasp of the real-life complexities with which she imbues these primal beings, yielding the eternal conflict between their controlled, infinitely human side and their vicious, virtually untamable were-side. Mills' emotive style is singularly descriptive, bringing her trademark dark romances with their grey characters to vivid life.


She comes by the broad knowledge base that informs her worlds’ ethnically diverse characters and mix of global cultural traditions organically


Ms. Mills lives in Canada with her family of humans and a judgmental dog.


Betrayal always has a price.


I was born for the arms of the Almighty.

He was born to head the army of our God. 

But my love was for him, only him.

And for that, we were damned.

I burn in hell, while his thirst rages,

unquenchable, forever... 


I am called Lucifer.

He is called Vampire.


Thirst of a Lesser God
Rachelle Mills

Coming to a new platform TBA soon!

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