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I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by what the influence consequence of actions brings to the character's lives that I write about. 


The world is not made up of black or white, it's a mixture of those colors that gets blurred together, fighting each other...good vs evil, light vs dark...grey is what wins. A palette of color sometimes very light, sometimes very dark...and everything in between. We all live in the grey. 


About Rachelle Mills

Rachelle Mills is a 2016 Watty winner and a Featured Writer on Wattpad and the author of the acclaimed book, Clayton, which she published on the platform under her pseudonym Whiskeyqueenn.

Mills has won acclaim from readers for her fantastically realized paranormal werewolf universes, where alpha males fight tooth and claw and society – more often than not – is determined to make the path of true love as rocky and uncomfortable as possible.

Her rich, paranormal universe is packed with characters that frustrate and enthrall readers with an expert grasp of the complexities of the primal fight that werewolves have; their human, controlled side, and the vicious, ugly, and virtually untamable were-side which can leave a trail of destruction in its wake.

Mills’ writing style is charged with emotion and richly descriptive, bringing the universe of her often-gritty stories into vivid life.

Betrayal always has a price. She was born for the arms of their Almighty. He was born to head the army of their God. 

Rachelle Mills

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