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Cassius Denver Valentine lost his mate…


Now he thinks he's a monster. I just think he's broken.


There's old blood on his hands and despite his efforts, it sticks to him like a second skin. I see the blood, but more so…I see him. And for some reason, he doesn't hide from me.


I want to wash the blood from his hands. I want to kiss his scraped-up knuckles. I want to tell him that he doesn’t have to keep suffering.


He’s already bled enough.


Problem is, when you love someone so fiercely, you also run the risk of being burned to ashes.

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My bones still hold the gouges of rejection.

It sill hurts, watching Clayton love the one he rejected me for, and it probably always will. My body still yearns for my destined mate, the Moon refusing to set us free from the bond that stems from the marrow of our existence.

Anguish and heartache with unbearable pain is the life I thought I was destined to live.

Until Dallas.

Even though his is not the mate destined for me by the Moon, we decided to choose our own paths.

Fate was ours to determine.

Or so we thought…

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The Alpha was supposed to be mine. Our fates were decided by the Moon herself, but he chose to follow his own path to a future that didn't include me.


Accepting my destined mate's rejection was the hardest thing I ever had to do, and it cost me my pack, my friends, and in the end... my home.


Now, four years later I have to rejoin my old pack, forced to see him love another female. Her scent is mixed into the crevices of his skin and every breath I take is slowly killing me little by little. 

How do you tell yourself not to breathe? 

His Alpha by Rachelle Mills

If the moon made me this way, then why does it feel like a curse?

He is the Alpha, and I am his Beta.

It's time for me to bend straight - there are some lines I must not cross. But every time I see him, the lines curve, gnawing into my soul.

This is our destiny, yet nobody can know that the Moon has both blessed and cursed us with this forbidden love.

A hidden, dark fire. It was our secret. A secret we denied - a secret too dark to share.

We don't bend that way.

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